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Mind and Body and Soul / All Equally Vital For Your Health

Probably, You have learned through the years…. All Three; Body, Mind and Soul are Vital for continued Health and Well Being. It makes good sense to eat balanced meals for proper Nutrition, Exercise several times a week, and have some form of Meditation. I will talk more about these later in this article and You will probably find some of this Surprising.


Body / Be Good To Your Body. / You Only Have One.Body

For now lets talk about The Body. The Body is an Amazing architectural structure that is more resilient that most people realize. How many Times have You heard of someone that was involved in some Terrible Accident? The Injuries sustained were so severe; that the Prognosis was “They Would Never Walk Again” or “They Will Never Fully Recover”?

Maybe You know a Friend or Family member, that has gone through this type of Trauma. In My own experience, Many times The Person Does Fully Recover; or Does Walk Again. I Think this has a Lot to do with Absolute Will Power. The injured person simply Would Not Accept the prognosis or listen to The Experts. I don’t know If “It’s All In Your Head” but a Great deal of it really is.

Below are some Tips, Tricks and Hints that I like in My daily life. Maybe You can find something You can use here.

  • Stay Active // Whether You are Working Out or simply Walking around the block this helps Circulation, Breathing, and Improves Flexibility. Your Muscles need regular physical Exercise in moderation.
  • Eat Nutritious Food Regularly // Breakfast is The Most Important Meal. (Why?) Your body has been dormant during the Sleeping hours. Breakfast helps Wake up The Body and Brain. Lunch and Dinner help Fuel You through the day.
  • Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). This will help You throughout the day and the challenges You may Face. Try to maintain a couple of Close Friends to talk to when “The Whole World is On Your Shoulders“. Talking It Out Helps.
  • Get Things done. Try Not to procrastinate. The hardest Part of Any Job is Getting Started. Achievement and Accomplishment are Important to your state of mind.

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Treat Your Body right with Moderation in Nutrition, Exercise, and Meditation and it will serve You Well. You can Live a long and productive Life. Be Good to Your Body. You Only have One.

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Mind / Don’t Lose It. / You’re Gonna Need It.

In Today’s World it is Important to have a Sharp Mind. The World We live in is more complicated than ever before. We have “Smart Phones” that make us feel Stupid due to their complexity. We have Computers, GPS, and all types of Wireless Technology. For Communication We have Cell phones for calls, Voicemail, Texting, Skype, Twitter, Email, VOIP, Faxes and I probably forget a few. If You have trouble in the Technology area, ask a friend or family member to guide you with them and Help you learn. Don’t have them do it For You, Ask them to help Teach You.

With ALL this Technology available to Us, here is The Crazy Part; We Communicate Less effectively than People in The 1940s. In those days, when You ran into a Friend or Family member that You hadn’t seen in “A Month of Sundays”; You would sit down and “Chew The Fat” for a while. (To find out what was going on in the area or catch up on the Gossip.)

So it is more Important than ever, that We embrace and learn about these things; or We simply get Left Behind. Our Mind is a Very Important part of Our Overall Well Being. Maintain a Positive attitude and being Truly Thankful for All of Our Blessings.

I wake Up Every morning and Say to myself; It’s Gonna Be A Good Day. It is Good for Many Reasons at this early point in my day. Let me Explain my thinking a little more. See The List Below.

  1. I Woke Up! If You Wake Up; That is A Good Thing. (Much Better than The Alternative, I Believe)
  2. If You are Reading this, You have Many things to Be Thankful for. (A Computer, Smart Phone or Tablet)
  3. You have Eyes and You can Read. (So Many People take the Everyday things for Granted)
  4. And I could Go On and On…

I Hope to Encourage You to Continue learning, No matter what Your Age; and don’t Get Stagnant. This Stimulates your Brain with Focus, Comprehension, and Imagination. It keeps You as The saying goes, “Sharp as a Tack”.



Now The word Meditation is Scary to a lot of people. It Doesn’t have to mean that You are actively involved in Yoga, Tai chi, or Something recommended by The Dalai Lama. What I call Meditation Is different for Each Person. This should be something You like to do; that brings You a Sense of Calm, or makes You feel Good. For Me it is Fishing….. Yep You read that right. I feel most Alive and connected to the Galaxy on a calm day when I am Fishing. It gives me a chance to Reflect, Imagine, Dream, Plan, and it matters not whether I catch any Fish, but that I am Outdoors and doing what I enjoy.

As I said, Each person is different; So maybe Your Meditation is listed below. In Many of these activities You will also have the added Benefit of  physical Exercise.

  • Hiking / Photography / Walking / Bird Watching / Reading
  • Archery / Sailing / Exploring / Bowling / Shopping / Play A GameBalance
  • Golf / Tennis / Basketball / Baseball / Football / A Trip to The Zoo
  • Tinkering in A Workshop / Antiquing / Singing / Writing
  • Volunteering / Attending Workshops, Seminars or Social Gatherings
  • Cooking / Visiting A Friend
  • A Peaceful  Walk with A Friend
  • Contemplating Your Life with A Good Cup of Coffee


As I mentioned earlier Every person is different; So maybe Your form of Meditation is NOT listed. What is it that You like to do that brings You Peace or Calms you down.  You can create Your own list.

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I Hope I have given some Food for Thought. Some of what I talked about here I’m sure You have heard in other places. There is a reason You keep hearing this advice; Because It Is True. 

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